Patrich Simpkins

Patrich Simpkins, Chief Transformation Officer

Patrich Simpkins was appointed to Chief Transformation Officer in October of 2022. Before that, he had served as Chief Financial Officer since May 2019. Mr. Simpkins previously served as Chief Development Officer from October 2014 until May 2019, also previously serving as Chief Risk Officer from October 2014 through August 2016. Prior to joining Green Plains in May 2012 as Executive Vice President – Finance and Treasurer, Mr. Simpkins was Managing Partner of GPS Capital Partners, LLC, a capital advisory firm serving global energy and commodity clients. From February 2005 to June 2008, he served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of SensorLogic, Inc., and as Executive Vice President and Global Chief Risk Officer of TXU Corporation from November 2001 to June 2004. Prior to that, Mr. Simpkins served in senior financial and commercial executive roles with Duke Energy Corporation, Louis Dreyfus Energy, MEAG Power Company and MCI Communications. Mr. Simpkins has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Economics and Marketing from the University of Kentucky.